Where to find and evolve monorpal in Pokemon sword and shield

There is interesting pokemon in Pokémon and _Bouclier. An unusual creature that you may encounter is monorpal, a pikemon with a floating sword of ghost and steel type. If you want to add something unique to your list, this monorpale will make an excellent choice.

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Unfortunately, you can only meet this Pokémon than in a thick fog. To meet Heavy Fog, you have a chance to see it appear some time after the sixth gym, but it is difficult to appear in the game. However, after being beaten the game and the thick fog unlocks officially, you have more chances than it happens in the wild zone.

You have a very high chance that Monorpale appears in the HammerLocke hills in a thick fog, so you want to check this location if you can walk there. You can also locate it as an exclamation point, but there is a little more luck because you do not know what you meet before fighting it and it only happens during a snowstorm in the same region.

At level 35, monorpal evolves towards Dimocles, remaining from the Ghost and Steel type. If you want to circumvent the slightest evolution, you have the opportunity to meet a Dimocles on the site of the Lake of Outrage during a snowstorm, but it is only seen in the grass as an exclamation point. Once again, chances are numerous.

The latest evolution of monorpale is the exagid shield, which you can get after having a double blade and gave it a twilight st1. It remains as a Pokémon type Ghost and Steel.