Why Nintendo uses-T

Nintendo uses Friend Codes for years now, and this was particularly disappointing for fans who wanted an online game on a little more fluid switch than their previous consoles.

But why does Nintendo use codes of friends? As you may have guessed, there is a pretty specific reason why they continue to do so, and it was discovered by an internal presentation included in the recent Wii source code leak.

As Imran Khan reported by the former Game Inform, the reason why Friend Code was first implemented in the Wii operating system was that Nintendo thought the players would be disappointed not to have the chance to take the name they wanted.

The owner of the Kyoto platform has considered the idea of allowing “a freely chosen screen name” because it felt that “it would be better.”

However, “problems” with this approach quickly appeared. “There is a high probability of duplicate duplicates”, notes the internal presentation.

This “comes into conflict with the” simple “principle” leading all the efforts of Nintendo and makes the company unique in the game sector, because it would have forced the players to “several reentrate” until they found a Pseudonym available.

With the codes of friends, you can have the screen name that you like, because the online system will read only your code automatically assigned and not your name.

In addition, having a system based on the screen name would have prompted people to guess someone’s name in the game “trying different variations of their real name”, and that would be in conflict with the “comfortable” principle ” that the console manufacturer has always searched..

Although it seemed a bit out of time when it started to appear on the Internet, the Friend Code system has also been applied by other networks lately.


You have a similar solution on Discord, for example, and even Xbox Live applied this change to allow people to have the name Gamertag they like instead of the one that is simply available.