MSI, Radar GE76 Deluxe Edition Gaming Notebook Release

MS ICI Co., Ltd. has released the most powerful performance gaming notebook ‘MSI Radar GE76 Deluxe Edition’, which is the most powerful performance.

‘MSI Radar GE76 12uhs-i9 4K Deluxe Edition’ is a special edition that allows you to take notebooks and gaming headsets, gaming mice at once. The latest 12th generation Intel Core ‘i9-12900hk’ is a ‘RTX 3080 TI’ graphics that support the fastest 16GB GDDR6 memory on the processor and notebooks, and shows the overwhelming performance in professional video and graphics editing operations as well as the latest games as well as the latest games.

In particular, we can completely release CPU and GPU power limits through ‘MSI Overboost’ technology, and enjoy extreme performance based on the first 220W of power. In addition, a PCIe Gen4 SSD, which is capable of greatly improving the performance, and a next-generation DDR5 high-performance memory that operates with a maximum 4800 MHz clock is applied to provide high performance and efficiency.

The display supports 3840 * 2160 of 4K · UHD resolution, 43.9 cm (17.3-type) IPS type wide cinema panel, 500-knit (NITS) brightness, digital cinema color standard DCI-P3 100%, 120Hz high frequency. With high resolution detailed image quality, you can enjoy games and movies, without color distortion from various angles. Fast-speeding FPS (1 person shooting game) and racing games provide a clear and smooth screen.

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In addition, a ‘multi-audio duo wave woofer’ with a technology of global audio brand dynamic audio is applied to implement high-quality bass and clear treble. The US Federal Aviation Agency is equipped with a 99.9WhR battery, which is the largest capacity of the world and the world’s largest capacity applied to the laptop, and you can enjoy powerful performance anytime, anywhere, no longer worrying on the battery.

In addition to this, the next generation of high-speed interface Thunderbolt 4, the KILLER, which supports the steel series PER-KEY RGB keyboard for online communication, the FHD (1920 x 1080) webcam for online communication, 6 GHz frequency band, Wi-Fi 6e ‘, etc., various functions that can be enjoyed faster and comfortably have a variety of functions.

Meanwhile, MS Ai Korea is a “MSI Radar GE76 12uhs-i9 4K Deluxe Edition” to launch a laptop launched in the buyer and proceeds with a 100,000 won steam cord presentation for the buyer. Details can be found through the product page.