Zelda BotW 2 looks too good for the normal switch, says Digital Foundry

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 (or as it is then called a hot) looks very promising in the first trailers. On the occasion of the shift of the Nintendo blockbuster, the technology experts from Digital Foundry have once again considered the video material. Think about whether the trailers actually come from the switch and according to think about whether Zelda BotW 2 could not appear on a follow-up console AKA SWITCH PRO.

Zelda BotW 2 looks too good for the switch according to Digital Foundry technologian experts

Too good image quality: In your weekly Digital Foundry podcast, the technical experts talk about Zelda BotW 2 and its displacement. You wonder about the high picture quality from the last trailer and neglect what it might be on it. Among other things, they bring the idea into the game that we could expect a crossgen release.

But best you can see here again the current shift trailer:

BotW2 trailer suspicious pretty: At first glance, it may not be on, but the image quality of the material from Zelda BotW 2 looks surprisingly good. The resolution seems to be significantly over 720p, the clouds could be volumetric and even after cutting there are no visible problems as they can still occur on the Xbox Series X.

It could be: There are a lot of ways that could explain the appearance of the trailer. Perhaps the video footage was simply recorded on a PC and it is a pre-lounged trailer – even if Nintendo is actually not known to be unchanged in graphic downgrade debates, on the contrary. Often the games look even better than shown in the trailers:

Mario Kart 8 DLC

New route was overworked and looks better now


Not on the switch? Another possible explanation would be that the video material shown here is shots that come from a Nintendo Switch successor, ie a switch pro, switch 2 or whatever the console could. Maybe Breath of the Wild 2 looks like his predecessor Simply Crossgen (BOTW also came up for the Wii U on the market), ie for the “old” and for the new switch. On the new one could look like in the trailer.

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But beware! It looks a bit more likely through the postponed BotW 2 release that the next large Zelda title is near a new Nintendo console. But Nintendo itself has declared several times that you do not want to replace the switch in the foreseeable future because it still sells so phenomenally well. She even had five years ago.

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What do you think: Does Zelda BotW 2 still appear for the normal switch? Or is there really a Switch Pro?