New World: Reset attributes

NEW WORLD: How to set your attributes

The character system in New World is based on five attributes.
If you are dissatisfied with the distribution, you can perform a reset:

New World - How To Respec and Reset Attribute Points
1. Press “K” and select Attributes.
2. Click “Change values”.
3. This is followed by a query that you have to confirm with “yes”.
All assigned points are reset and are available again.

In addition, you will also receive the info at the cost of resetting: until level 20, this is free of charge, and as often as you like.
Then valuable Azoth is needed.
The early level phase can be excellently useful to get to know all the weapons and play styles of New World.
The strengths of the classless progression system come in this way well to carry and you later know in the endgame exactly what options there are and how they feel.