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Symbaroum, 5th version, will be released on June 7

Last year, I had made a news about a widely successful kickstarter for the adaptation of Symbaroum , a dark fantasy role -playing game published by Free League Publishing, in 5th format.

The Davokar forest calls to be explored, covering the vestiges of an empire fell into ruins a long time ago. Explore the vast forests in search of treasures, lost wisdoms and glory. Visit the barbaric clans to trade or plunder; Establish your power base among princes, guilds or rebel refugees in the capital; And survive meetings with trolls, dark spirit beasts and dead-living warlords.

Ruins of Symbaroum 5th is now available for pre -order. The range of games includes three colored cardboard books – the player’s guide, the guide to the game master and the bestiary – and a screen of the game master accompanied by an adventure booklet of 26 pages. For those who prefer to play online, a set of prints, PDFs and modules intended for Foundry VTT is also available. Pre -order gives instant access to PDFs, before the physical version is released.

The 5th adaptation includes:

NPSL | Q&A w/Jamar Campion-Hinds

New rules: * To highlight the Dark Fantasy nature of the framework, new rules for travel and rest, social challenges, magic and corruption are introduced.
New origins: In addition to familiar characters such as humans, elves and dwarfs, the Symbaroum game universe allows you to create PCs and NPCs which are changlings, ogres, goblins, trolls and even a specific form of undead.
New classes: The player of the player The Ruins of Symbaroum presents the captain, hunter, mystical, scoundrel and warrior classes – each with between four and seven approaches/subclasses, and all with personalized characteristics until LVL20.

_ “Symbaroum is a dark fantastic novel which takes place in a deep and dark forest filled with ruins and ancient treasures. Its landscapes are haunted, its traumatized characters, and its monsters are a pure fuel for unbridled nightmares. In addition, the ‘Art alone is enough to haunt your dreams “._
~ Sara Elsam, dicebreaker