“Ghostwire: TOKYO” Maleevites Commentary “Hair Princess” -The three urban legends have three? “Lone” is the key

Action Adventure “ GHOSTWIRE: TOKYO ” launched for PC / PS5 from Bethesda Softworks. A story that human beings disappeared on the stage of Tokyo and Shibuya will draw a story that “KK” of the protagonist ‘s “KK” is “dipocentric” and the story.

Even though it is not a special note to note, the gamer also became a topic of SNS, etc. In the area of Shibuya in the game depicting a realistic atmosphere, the famous urban legend, ghost, ghost, orkai, etc. The motif comes to the motif, and it takes an attack on the carer and kk. Game * Spark is also posting articles that describe small items in the game.

In this project, which is a short-term series, among them, we will introduce the original material about “Malevit”, which contains more elements, and introduce it while careful considering the original material for “Malevit”. Originally multiple monsters are “Malevites”, but by looking at their combinations and visits, we will approach a part to support the world view of this work. The first is Malebite and Hair Princess .

# Hair princess is a collection of three monsters?

Hair princess appears from the middle of the game. Compared to Malevites such as a general shadow method, it is a strong enemy that comes out by peeling her face with her big mouth when it discovers Yoshito. In the database, it is described as “Malvites born from loneliness isolated from her family and friends”.

Her hair princess’s appearance looks, whatever saying, her white clothes and red jumper cart. This is likely to be a general “ toilet flower flower ” image, so basic motifs are likely to come from here.

Also, the figure that does not have her lower body is strongly imaged “ Teke Teke “. In addition, the comments of inside discussion articles are also sent, but the image of the long “hair”, red clothes, etc. It may be.

From the next section, we will explain these three monsters.

# Serial name city legend “Hanako of the toilet”

The monster “The Toilet Hanako”, who is transmitted throughout the country, etc., now everyone has never heard that name. The most popular story is that there is a reply if you knock the private room of the school girl’s toilet and call it “Hanako”.

There is also a wealth of variations since there is a reply. The most gentle is a pattern that there is no one who is not there. When it comes to radical, if you specify how to play together, it will be killed by it, and there is also a pattern such as being sucked into a toilet bowl, which will be killed from the ceiling. Many extremum patterns are often mixed with other famous urban legends, such as “Gathering”, “Blue Hair Red Hair”, “Red Chan Chanko”, and other famous urban legends.

The history of “The toilet Hanako” is old, and in the 1940s, the story of “Hanako” appeared in the bathroom in Iwate Prefecture. However, since Hanako in Iwate Prefecture talks to the human being in the bathroom, the pattern is strictly different from Hanako. It became a big topic that has become a school ghost book of the 1990s, and there are many books and animations from there.

Although Hanako-san has become a monster, there are various theories, but many of them say “Hanako killed by the toilet is a ghost that lives in the bathroom after death.” In addition, there are also stories that there are “Taro-kun” and family of men’s toilets as similar patterns of Hanako.

“Ghostwire: TOKYO” also exists as a collector item “Hanako’s kitchen knife”. This is that “Hanako-san will play with Hanako-san”, but there is a kitchen knife, but Hanako’s birth pattern “Suspicious person (or parent) is chased by a suspicious person (or parent) There is also a sad story that is stabbed and died in a knife in the bathroom.

# Fear of high speed movement! “Teketeke”

“Teketeke” is generally considered a walf of female female, without the lower body. There are many things that call out and chasing as a pattern of ghost talks, and there are also stories that will attack with cutlery such as. Currently, it is almost a female type monster, but it seems that there was also a report of a male type.

The characteristic is that when moving, the sound of “Teketeke…”. In many cases, because there is no lower body, it is said that the arm and elbow are crawled around and it is said that it is the origin of the name. In addition, there are also patterns that float and chase the sky rather than crawling.

In any case, Teke Teke moves fast, and it is possible to make a workaround that says “Teke Teke suddenly escaped because it does not tend to teens suddenly.” In addition, there seems to be a workaround that says that it will be relieved by applying a specific word.

The birth history is mainly two theories. One is that “Her body was cut off by the train in winter Hokkaido, but her blood vessels were frozen and suffering for a while.” It seems that there is also a ghost talk that you can see if you look into the back mirror while passing through the Tunnel in Hokkaido.

Another one is that “the ghost of the lower body without the lower body”, which was told in Okinawa in the 1980s, is transmitted (also called “Tech Tech”). Yuku Yoshida, who is familiar with Occult, is a great idea of Okinawa.

The hair princess of “Ghostwire: TOKYO” is not lower and moving like, and there are some common points, such as floating and acting on the sky. However, it has never moved fast as a urban legend.

# “Acrobatic Sarasara” spread on the Internet

“Acrobatic Sarasara” has appeared in recent years in the city legend that has been widespread in the Internet from around 2008. In addition to characteristics such as the breadth, the brute, the arm is scratched, the arm is scratched, and the black hole is free, it seems that the hair of the hair of Sarasara is the origin of the name.

As a behavioral pattern, it is considered to take a strange behavior that seems to be ashamed of the name acrobatic, such as suddenly jumping from a high-rise building or a cliff. In addition, people who were elimited are chased up to the house, and it seems that there is also a similar action to “Yakumai”, which was born at the same time.

The correct body is said to have a woman who flew to a lover of something that has been a lover, a baby and killed suicide with a baby, saying that a woman who flew to a lovers in Fukushima Prefecture, and the red clothes is bloody That’s why there is a story such as that body has no image.

The common point of the “Ghostwire: Tokyo” hair princess is that her eyes are her eyes haired hair. “Hanako-san” that seems to be another model is characterized by the like, and the characteristics of hair on “Teketeke” can not be seen much. Since the long hair of the hair princess is characteristic or characteristic, it seems that the hair is likely to include the element of “Acrobatic Sarasala” that the hair is characterized.

However, she is not the lower body, so it is not high height. However, since it is a size that is quite powerful in the game, it is horrible if you think that there is lower body.

# Why did this three urban legends combine?

I have briefly explained the three urban legends so far. Of course there are still a lot of patterns and there are many parts that can not be termed, but it would be appreciated if you are a general factor. Then, I would like to summarize the idea of the concept of why hair princesses are the complex presence of “Hanako”, “Teke Teke” and “Acrobatic Sarasala”.

As a common point of these three urban legends, there is an essence of loneliness of the history of birth. “The toilet Hanako” is a woman who died in the bathroom (killed), and “Teketeke” was cut off with a train accident (Hokkaido Hokkaido), “Acrobatic Sarasala” is thrown away by a lover and jumped down. It is a woman who committed suicide.

Hair princess’s database information is “Malevites born from loneliness isolated from her family and friends”. Hair princess has the characteristics of “woman with loneliness”. It is not a hair princess that mixes two famous urban legends “a woman with lonely essence”, based on the toilet Hanako, which can not meet a luminous family in the bathroom.

By the way, “Ghostwire: TOKYO” does not exist as a place where you can search freely. Therefore, there is no school toilet that “Hanako of the toilet” appears, and there is no place where she will be easy to appear (Hanako itself has a pattern that comes out to the bathroom other than the school…). Therefore, Hanako may be borrowed for other urban legends of the wedge of God at her Hanako.

“GHOSTWIRE: TOKYO” is being delivered for PC / PS5.

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