Nioh 2 DLC is now available – the tengu disciple

This week, Team NioH 2 Samurai Monsters Fighting Game Expands. The first of the 3 DLC packs has been published to improve the gaming experience. Earlier in the year, Team Ninja stated that there would be a total of 3 major DLCs for Niioh 2, as for NiOH 1. Each of These DLCs would take place before the main game events, which was quite cryptic at the time, but now it was explained a little more. To access this new content, the player will go back in time.

The DLC missions take place in the “coastal region of Yashima and date back to the last years of the Heian period”. There are new enemies, bosses, armor and weapons, especially the Splitstaff, which is an entirely new weapon type. In addition to additions to The Tengu’s Disciple, Team Ninja has also published update notes for the new update, which includes rebalancing the enemy and player, new skills, new customization options for Characters and the new feature Demon Parade Picture Scroll. These parchments can be dropped by enemies in difficulty equal to or greater than Dream of the Strong, which can be equipped to make you even stronger than before.

To access The Tengu’s disciple, players will have to fulfill the main missions in the game history, how much you can travel in time. Tengu’s disciple can be purchased for $ 9.99 alone, but it is included with the seasonal pass, which can be purchased for $ 19.99. It is also included in the Deluxe and special editions of the game. NiOH 2 is now available exclusively on PS4.

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