Smile Gate Stove, Carrie, Disk Room

[Eye News 24 Moon Young – Soo] The Smile Gate Stove (Representative Han Young Woon) will officially launch the Indie Game Platform ‘Stove Indy’ I announced a job.


Global Indie Game Professional Publisher Di Bolber Digital is a cascall action game that is a huge tentacle monster, which is a giant tentacle monster, which is an experimental body. The player is characterized by the fact that it is in advance of being a small entity and took a size of the researchers and soldiers, and took up the size, and control the facility.

Disk Room is an action game that avoids the saw blades flying from all over time. It is characterized that a variety of mic messages are added to simple rules and simple operation. Well-enabled level design and difficulty adjustment can be easy and lightly played.

Stoves Indie introduces two titles at 40% and 50% discounts, respectively, commemorating the launch of Carrie and Disk Room. In addition, limited quantity 5,000 won discount coupons and anyone will be able to use 2,000 won discount coupon present events.

Lee Young-Woon Smile Gate Stove said, “Di Volber Digital is a global indie game publisher who won the” Publisher “award for this year’s publisher ‘in the” Indie Publishing Awards 2021 “.” I want to see you easily. “