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Browse the islands to the dragons in Dragonflight

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As with each new extension of WORLD OF WARCRAFT, adventurers will be able to travel from New Earth. For DragonFlight, it is the islands to the dragons, ancestral fireplace of drastic flights, which are revealed. These are no less than 5 regions that we can walk at their exit, one of which reserved for the new breed: the dracthyrs. But the other four will be more than enough to deepen the history of aspects.

Prohibited confines, place of birth of dracthyrs

As with the Knights of Death and Demon Hunters, the Dracthyrs are entitled to their own starting area at, DragonFlight. Located at the wide islands, the prohibited confines were shaped by Neltharion Legard. They served as a place of training for his soldiers until a battle does not matter. Remaining abandonment until then, the return of a formidable enemy pushes the dracthyrs to awake.

Four new zones with verticality pronounced

With the opening of the islands to the dragons, a new way of moving appears. It is now possible to overlap a fully customizable dragon to browse these lands. With unique flight skills, the verticality of these islands allows you to enjoy the magnitude of its movements. As with shadowlands, the global course is determined by the level of each zone, but the progression within the latter is free.

The adventurers will be able to penetrate the shores of the awakening to help Alexstrasza and the red draconics flight. But IRION also needs help in these lands to recover the Citadelle of the black drastic flight. The Ohn’ahra plains will make it possible to discover the future of the green draconics now that it is more. In the azure span, it is the blue drastic flight that awaits you, while Nozdormu and its flight patient to Thaldraszus.

Once these areas traveled, DragonFlight can finally begin by unveiling its game Game. But many other aspects of the extension are still to be discovered, whether in PVP or PVP.