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LOL: After those of the world championships, other skins appreciated by players for the 12.9

Shortly after the formalization of skins dedicated to the world champions of Edward Gaming, other skins were revealed by Riot Games. A theme already published and which had been appreciated by players.


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West skins: which characters concerned?

It is a tradition at Riot Games: when a patch on League of Legends, the studio unveils the Skins to come for the following patch. This night, update 12.8 was deployed. And if we will not go into the details of the patch (except that the Swain champion has been the subject of a redesign of his skills) , it is on the side of test servers that Our attention will be oriented.

Because yes, barely the 12.8 deployed that the Riot Games teams are already on the point for the 12.9. It is on Twitter that the French page of League of Legends communicated around the next theme of appearances for the characters: the skins of the West. It is Leona, Varus, Katarina, Mordekaiser and Talon which are affected by these new sets.

Aphelios, Graves… The 2021 World Champions Skins

When will they be deployed on public servers? Well we can hope to see them from Patch 12.9, which is expected in the coming weeks. On May 10 is the mid-Summer Invitational, a big tournament where all the best teams of European regional leagues compete. Patch 12.9 should therefore occur after this event.

And in addition to skins thematized on the West, it is the appearances of champions created by the world champions of 2021 which should also appear. They were recently formalized by Riot and concern the following champions: Graves, Viego, Zoe, Aphelios and Yuumi . It was Meiko who decided to create a special skin for Yuumi, directly inspired by his pet.

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