NCsoft opened Trickster M 1st Anniversary Teaser Site

NCsoft (CEO Kim Taek -jin) unveiled the first anniversary teaser site of the mobile game ‘Trickster M’ on the 28th.

Trickster M will guide you in a lecture format for the past year’s major changes ahead of the first anniversary update on May 18.

On the teaser site, the user can see the story of the entire episode at a glance, ‘Endless Adventure’, ▲ Sayong Ekida, Hyperion, and Allionette, which has successfully appeared in the background and killing of major bosses such as ‘2nd class’ : The Great Challenge ‘▲ You can see more details such as’ 3rd Class: Brilliant Growth ‘, which introduces six kinds of content that has supported users’ growth in various ways.

The company has released various contents through regular updates. He has updated the new equipment ‘Magic Stone’, which can cause the power of horsepower and damage the target. Horsepower can also be obtained from the Harcon Exchange.

Trickster M - A Brand New Upcoming Mobile MMORPG is Coming!

In addition, the Nemesis World Dungeon Reorganization, which includes the content that can be enjoyed in certain time and zones, and the first large -scale combat content ‘Harcon War’ update in the game. The first Harcon battle will be held on May 8th.

Meanwhile, NCsoft plans to make a large -scale update advance reservation to commemorate the first anniversary from May 4th.