How to quickly reborn at Roblox Military Tycoon

The military tycoon is the whole thing to have the largest and best fortress in the war, so it is important to know how to grow it! The best way to do this is to degenerate, so we created a brief guide below, in which our tips and recommendations are given on how to degenerate as quickly as possible. Keep in mind, however, that since there are several levels of rebirth inside Military Tycoon, you may need to do a little more or slightly less than someone else who is at a different level.

tips and recommendations on Rebing

What is Rebephing and what is he doing?

Every time you reborn into Military Tycoon or in most games offering this function, you, in fact, start from scratch – this means that you lose all previously accumulated progress and characteristics, and in the case of Military Tycoon, your entire base. So why do anyone do this? The answer is simple – the best updates and future purchases.

Although you can lose all your hard -earned weapons, vehicles and equipment after each rebirth, you will get access to a completely new and much better set of items that can be unlocked. These achievable objects will improve every time you degenerate, which, in turn, makes your character and the base stronger.


What do I need to do to degenerate?

To be reborn, you need to buy every thing available to you inside and outside your base. Yes all. This means add -ons to floors, weapons, equipment, armor, vehicles, etc. After you have acquired literally everything that your base can offer, the revival sign will be available for use outside the main building of your base.

Now that you know the basics of Rebiffing, continue to read below some of our advice on how to make money quickly.

double cache pass

For those who are ready to spend extra money, we first offer to purchase double money Gamepass for 449 Robux, as it forever doubles your flow of cash from an ATM and, thus, greatly simplifies the accumulation for future purchases. This pass can be purchased in the game at any time, standing on the yellow button in front of the ATM.

Use codes to get even more money

Another good way to quickly make money is to introduce special codes, as some of them offer a solid money bonus. These codes can be found in our regularly updated list of Roblox Military Tycoon, on Twitter account, and in the game Military Tycoon discord.

Use the leadership of the magnate

If you are not interested in spending Robux, which is completely fair, and you have already used all active codes, the best and easiest way to help yourself quickly degenerate is to use Tycoon management. This leadership is intended to help players track easily updates and purchases, directing the arrow to the functions that they can afford. This can be a great way to find out what purchases you have left and in which areas you need to concentrate.

Capture of fortresses

Although for the successful seizure of fortresses it may take a little practice, it becomes a worthy way to earn XP money as soon as you get comfortable. To find a fortress that can be captured, leave your base and head to any of the flags that you see in the sky – each flag indicates the location of a separate base. Depending on the rank of the player, the fortress of which you are approaching, you may need to take various offensive weapons with you; Sometimes even a tank.

If you want to practice the capture of the fortresses, but do not want to spend extra time on battles with someone high level, pay attention to the base base-it will take less effort and time to capture them.

capture of oil towers

Due to the NPC salt, which protect the base, you may need more secrecy when capturing an oil tower than usually when capturing the fortress. For the lightest beginning, be sure to destroy all anti -aircraft guns and soldiers of the fleet at a distance before going to the drilling rig. The best way to do this is to stand on the nearest rock or mountain and shoot them so as not to warn other guards.

After you destroyed the anti -aircraft gunners and any other visible soldiers, use a helicopter or boat to get to the oil tower and sit on it. To capture the oil tower, like the seizure of the fortress, find the flag and interact with it – this will change its ownership of your country and give you a decent reward in return.


That’s all our tips and recommendations on how to quickly reborn. If you have any special techniques that you use, tell us about this in the comments below!

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