The ESRB rating of the quarry includes sex nuclear, beheading and more

The Quarry will be released in just a few weeks and thanks to the ESRB classification of the game, we now know a little more about some of the graphic scenes in super massive latest game.

ESRB Ratings Portrayed by The Amazing World of Gumball

The assessment that contains a summary about the ESRB website emphasizes that some decisions in the game “lead to representations of intensive violence”, which is not too surprising. A figure is apparently seen in the game as to how to “separate a man’s hand with a chainsaw”, while in another scene a creature can be seen that “a figure gruffs and beheaded”. In addition, there is a moment in the game in which “a shotgun explosion tears the face of a character”, we can only imagine what it looks like until we play the game for ourselves next month.

A little further in the evaluation summary we get a foretaste of the game’s dialogue, and here things become a little more interesting than their typical bloody horror rack.

The game is described as “suggestive” and “sexual allusions” and, according to this rating, offers several moments sexually obvious dialogues. A figure apparently says: “I knew that there is a secret sex dungeon somewhere”. Another person makes a sexual joke about painter: “The fastest painter in the world could never keep a friend shy because he was always ready in one fell swoop”

Finally, other mentions of sex and swear words such as “fuck”, “shit” and “asshole” appear in the game.

In summary, it looks like The Quarry is a pretty bloody and suggestive murder -proof that will not weaken his topics for adults. We can hardly wait to see some of the voice actors’ voice actors and the cast of The Quarry, while their characters die and be mutilated in a new and terrible way.