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How to Unlock the Ray Gun in Black Ops Multiplayer
The developers of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War never disappointed the players when it comes to providing fresh content, even after the first anniversary of the game. Following this tradition, in a recent update, the game received a completely new UGR submachine with the operator of Lazarus. Here are the tasks of unlocking for access to UGR SMG.

How to get UGR at Black Ops Cold War and Warzone

Criteria for unlocking for the network game: Using a submachine gun, kill the enemy found by your spy, an UAV or a field microphone in 15 different matches.
Criteria for unlocking zombies: Destroy 1000 enemies from a submachine gun of epic or higher rarity.

In the multi-user game, Black OPS Cold War, you must equip a series of murders “Shpion” and the field upgrade “Microphone” to complete the task. Since you need to kill only one enemy discovered, this should be an easy task. Be sure to select a short game mode such as Team Deathmatch, since you will have to do this in 15 completed matches.

In Zombies, all you need to do is kill 1000 zombies using an epic or legendary SMG to unlock UGR. You can get high-level weapons by improving your Pack-A-Punch machine or plundering chests. In addition, the completion of the super -passhal egg will allow you to appear with epic weapons in each zombie match.

Moreover, the fastest way to test UGR is to buy a cosmetic set containing his plan in the COD store. For example, you can buy set of operator Lazarus containing UGR dealer plan. Although this will open a weapon for you, you cannot configure it until you fulfill the criteria for unlock.

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