GameStation 5: Diese Fake

The PlayStation 5 is still damn hard to get – or is it really? On the side of the Chinese Marketplaces Aliexpress you can easily get a plays… No moment, a game station 5. The confusion can also be forgiven, after all, the only 17.55 euro console sees from Sony at first glance to confuse. One could almost think a real bargain, but the similarities can almost be heard in the optics.

fake-Ps5 in practical size

The offered game station 5 looks quite similar with its white side plates, the black median strip and even the stand of a PS5, but has a height of just 17cm. Especially in comparison to the supplied wired controllers (which have little in common with the dual sensual, but look suspicious of the PS1 controllers), it simply looks tiny:



Gamestation 5 packaging


200 games contained: At the latest here it becomes clear that the GameStation 5 definitely does not deliver the Power of the PS5, but you should actually be able to play on the console, because it contains entire 200 “retro games”. It is difficult to say which these are, because if you want a game list, you have to send the seller your email.

However, there are some pictures of supposed buyers in the reviews that indicate that such classics such as Super Mario Bros. 2 and Angry Birds are included – or at least a knock -off variant of it. Of course, real PS5 games cannot play on the console.

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more decoration than anything else

And that could also be a little more difficult for one or the other person. Because like a real retro console, the GameStation 5 is not connected to the television via HDMI, but via AV – like the recently the PS2.

Of course, an official Sony device is clearly not, but the console still looks a bit cute.

Eleen Reinke

[email protected]

I want to be honest, I would have to check whether my television still has an AV connection, I recently used it with my mother’s old tube TV.
But I’m less interested in the fake -PS5 because I actually want to play with her, but much more because it just looks a bit cute – especially next to my massive PS5 with its almost 40cm height. Then I would finally have a Playstation (Esque) console that actually fits into my TV cabinet, that would be something.