Play Expo, Talk Concert lecture information disclosure

For those who like esports, pro -gamers are envy. And some dream of a pro gamer. But there are few gamers who know how to be a pro gamer and what a professional gamer’s life is. Most of them do what they like, so I think it will be fun. What about it? The Play Expo, which will be held on the 12th, will be able to solve these questions.

【第6回】EXPO PLL Talks 参加型万博のカタチ ー音楽×共創ー
The Play Expo Secretariat announced on the 12th that it will hold a talk concert ‘2022 together’ at the Play Expo site held by KINTEX. The two -day talk concert will include T1 Park Eui -jin (Untara), Lee Sung -hoon Game Caster, 5byte Lee Jin -kyu, and Neople Kim Geun -young planners, and will tell their stories of gamers’ curiosity.

The talk concert begins with the lecture of T1 Park Eui -jin’s ‘Pro Gamer Untara’s Life’. The lecture will tell a variety of stories about the reality of pro gamers. Subsequently, Lee Sung -hoon’s ‘Job Experience with Game Caster’ will be held. The lecture is expected to be a lecture for young people who dream of a game caster that encourages e -sports and various game events.

On the 13th, 5 byte Lee Jin -kyu’s’ Fun Game Creating ‘lecture and’ Neople Kim Geun -young planner’s’ IT Company’s Game Development Story ‘will be held. In the relevant lecture, the incumbent seniors will be discussed for young people who are dreaming of entering the game industry.

‘2022’ will be held together on May 12th to 13th at the KINTEX 2nd Exhibition Main Stage for two days.