The best equipment and class AK

In Call of Duty: Warzone, crowded with submachine guns, AK-74U acts as universal weapons of near-battle. Black Ops Cold War SMG has a large radius of action, damage and mobility. Here is a guide for the best devices and classes AK-74U for use in Warzone Pacific.

Best equipment AK-74U Warzone

Muzzle *: GRU muffler
barrel : 10.3-inch operational group
reserve : skeletal reserve of the KGB
* magazine : Special Forces 50 RND DOUD

AK Operators Union - Episode 3
* Rear handle : snake wrapper

The attachment equipment used here is designed for assembly AK-74U, focused on mobility and range. The muzzle and barrel are standard for all submachine guns of the Cold War and increase the range of weapons, the speed of the bullet and flight speed. For additional functions of mobility, i.e., a sprint to the fire, aiming and the speed of the lateral blow, the rear handle of Serpent and the KGB apple are provided. You can also switch the rear handle for Tiger team in the spotlight laser for better speed.

Best AK-74U Hipfire Warzone Equipment

Muzzle *: GRU muffler
barrel : 10.3-inch operational group
Laser : Laser Kh GRU 5 MW
Substract *: Cracking a fighter
magazine *: Special Forces 50 RND DOUD

These special devices for the AK-74U are designed for the “run and shoot” class. While the muzzle cut, the trunk and nozzles for stores are taken from the previous assembly, the laser and the underbred device narrow the firing cone and increase the accuracy of firing from the thigh.

The best installation of the AK-74U Warzone class

Main weapon * – bar/PKM/ZRG 20mm
additional weapons -AK-74U
deadly – throwing knife
Tactical * – Steam
perk 1 – Cold -blooded
perk 2 – Perekon
* perk 3 – combat intelligence / AMPED

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