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UGR Warzone Unlock – How to unlock the latest SMG from Black Ops Cold was

Call of Duty Warzone players can look forward to a treat this season-there is not only a number of new Vanguard weapons to unlock, Treyarch has just released a new Black Ops Cold War SMG. If you want to get it your hands, you will find everything you need to know about the activation of UGR Warzone and what you have to do to add this weapon to your best Warzone loadouts.

On the Call of Duty Blog, the UGR is described as “precise and fatal”, a weapon that fires steel arrows over conventional ammunition. With the right attachments, this weapon will prove to be useful in experienced hands both at short distance and in a change of shot at medium distance-but how do you actually meet the UGR WARZONE freelancer requirements?

That is the question that we all ask ourselves – and the one we know the answer. Read on to get all the information you need to know and soon you will kill with this brand new SMG enemies.

UGR Warzone unlock

Easily Unlock the UGR SMG in Warzone! (New UGR SMG Warzone)

If you want to unlock this SMG, you can do this Turn on the UGR in Warzone by killing an enemy with an SMG in 15 different completed games, which was discovered by your spy flight, UAV or field microph1.

This will be easier to do in the multiplayer of Black Ops Cold than in Warzone, but not impossible. Zombies players only have to eliminate 1,000 enemies with an epic or higher SMG-so that should be very simple.

Well, that’s all we know about how you can unlock the UGR for your Warzone PC players 24. Will this be one of the best Warzone weapons? We don’t know – but it looks like a lot of fun.