How to quickly increase the level of your characters in Dislyte

Dislyte has more than 60 characters to choose from, and it will be difficult to support all your characters at the same level with the Gachi mechanics. As certain characters move forward, you will probably get new ones that you want to add to your team, but you need to increase the level. Here’s how to quickly increase the level of their characters in Dislyte.

Hyde on the pharma DISLYTE

There are two main methods of rapidly increasing the level of your escorts. Here’s how to quickly increase the level of their escapers in Dislyte.

Stages of practice *: One of the best ways to increase the level of their escorts is to go through the stages of practice. The best way to quickly raise your own escapers with a low level is to choose a strong traffic police such as Mona, and challenge the level. They open at the end of each storyline. You can use the automatic battle function to allow Dislyte to play for this.
Experimenton *: You can use Experimon on your Esperes to quickly increase their level. Experimenters are of different levels, like your characters, and higher levels give more experience. You can use as much Experimon on your characters as you want.

How to quickly increase your command level

Although these are excellent methods for an individual increase in the level of your Espears, you can also use training stages for detachments . Your Espers will receive the more experience points, the fewer members in your detachment. But you use your DPS to pump training levels. So even if your character is defeated, he will still receive experience points.

We recommend that you choose the highest stage of practice of the chapter available to you. This will give you the most experience, and will also allow you to farm Experimon. Then they can be used on your characters to quickly increase their level.

What are the stages of practice?

Stages of practice Special levels and appear in every chapter of history. They will appear after passing a certain number of stages in this chapter and will be from the main plot path . You can fight them as many times as you want, and the stage of practice of the head of the highest level offers the best awards.

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