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Since Activision Blizzard was sued in July 2021 for discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying, the company has kept in the headlines: the extent of the grievances was devastating and many active and former employees spent saying one fate To give voice.


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At the beginning of the year, the surprising news followed that Microsoft Blizzard bought no negative headline per se, at least until recently a new lawsuit was submitted in which CEO Bobby Kotick was accused of wanting to get out of the affair with the deal. With the recent unveiling of a tool that diversity evaluated in video games with numbers, Activision Blizzard is now cutting into your own meat.

diversity as a number game: program evaluates skin color, gender and sexuality with points

Primarily developed by the studio King , which belongs to Activision Blizzard and is known for goldesle such as Candy Crush , the tool is a program with which the diversity of characters should be measured, all the more different To create characters and incorporate them into video games.

_ “The Diversity Space Tool is a measuring tool to help to identify how diverse is a series of character traits and in return, how diverse this character is compared to the norm, according to the blog post, in the one presented the program. The description is more than correct: here properties such as skin color, gender or physical restrictions are measured with numbers to evaluate your diversity factor.

In pictures that have now been deleted from the blog post, but are still easy to find thanks to the Internet, Activision Blizzard wanted to show how the tool works. For example, Austin Walker shared pictures of the blog post on Twitter, in which the properties of the heroine Ana from the hero shooter Overwatch were rated.

This gives their Egyptian and Arabic descent seven points each, and there are still five for their female gender. Your heterosexual orientation is not very surprising zero points, it is finally the prevailing sexuality in video games and the “norm”.

Kotaku was also able to make a few screenshots before Activision Blizzard edited the blog post: On one of the pictures, the values of several overwatch heroes will compare, while another will be the ethnic, cultural and sexual background of the Overwatch characters Zarya, Torbjörn and Lucio with colorful Lines. In the blog post, the reason for the tool states, among other things, that you want to ensure “true representation” and avoid so-called “token characters”.

I rank myself on the Activision Blizzard Diversity Chart
Although the now added apology means that this tool is not used in the event of active game development, the blog post previously cited concrete examples of the use of the tool at Call of Duty Vanguard and Overwatch 2 (via GamesRadar). A detailed extract from the apology of Activision Blizzard read on the next page! _

Page 1 Diversity as a number game: Program evaluates sexuality, skin color and physical restrictions with points

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