Netflix: bang – a subscription still gets 2022 advertising

So far, users of the popular streaming service Netflix have been spared advertising. But that should change this year.

Dortmund-What was only wild speculations before is now becoming a reality: The plans for an advertising-financed Netflix offer should now be very concrete.

Netflix: bang – a subscription still gets 2022 advertising

According to the new York Times, it should be ready in the last quarter of the year. Netflix should then introduce an advertising subscription at a cheaper price. According to the daily newspaper, the Netflix-Co-CEO Reed Hastings indicated in April to want to switch into “Low-priced subscription models advertising”.

According to a leaked message to the employees, the increasing success of other providers is reason for the innovation (more digital news on Netflix).

Disney Plus stated that the number of subscribers has increased to 137.7 million. While other streaming services are going up steeply, Netflix is rather bad than right.

Netflix: bang – so it is about the streaming service

From January to the end of March 2022, the company lost around 200,000 payment subscriptions, as _Meedia.de___. That is why Netflix now takes hard measures and, among other things, strokes a popular function.

The advertising offer now seems to be the next step. The company was previously strictly against this step. At that time it was said that advertising could never be seen on the platform.

Netflix Ads ARE COMING, Like It Or Not

At the time, however, the company did not have nearly as much competition as it is up to date. Now Netflix has also reached hard reality. For the current quarter, the service should expect the departure of around two million customers.

At the beginning of Corona pandemic, the streaming service was still the big winner of the crisis. In 2020, the number of subscribers is said to have increased by 37 million. Now it remains to be seen how the company will continue.

Rubric list picture: © Stanislav Kogiku/Imago