English second division professional Daniels with coming

The British young professional Jake Daniels has known himself for his homosexuality. “I knew all my life that I was gay,” wrote the 17-year-old in a message on the website of the soccer second division club Blackpool FC: “Now I have the feeling that I am ready for my coming out-and and to be myself for that. “

This as one of the first active English football players is a “step into the unknown,” added Daniels, who completed his first professional mission in the current season. Among other things, he was inspired by the Australian Josh Cavallo and the water jumper Tom Daley and had received great support from his club and family.

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“I hated to lie and feel like I had to adapt,” said Daniels. He wanted to be a role model for people in the same environment who do not feel comfortable with the thought of revealing their sexuality: “You are most important.”