Code Vein Boss leadership – how to defeat an insatiable despot

Since this is the third boss in Code Vein, this means that you have successfully defeated the Delirium butterfly. Congratulations are in order because she is a tough lady. Now you are ready for a new enemy, and this guy is large, bad and insatiable. Meet an insatiable despot!

how to defeat an insatiable despot in Code Vein

To fight this great lost, you need to find it in the area of dried trenches. Like the first Code Vein boss, Oliver Collins, insatiable despot is very strong. And, like Oliver, there are two phases in battle. We will talk about this a little later, but first, let’s focus on the special attacks of the despot.

Special attacks of the third boss in Code Vein

If you really want to know how to defeat an insatiable despot in Code Vein, you need to know everything about its abilities. Be prepared for attacks such as:

Crystal call * – be sure to destroy it as soon as possible, since it calls for enemies.
The attack in the jump – No matter how big it is, he can really jump!
Spin attack – it turns around, which is a good opportunity for a counterattack! If you dodge in time, you can inflict significant damage to him from behind.
* Combo-Ataka -The despot inflicts four powerful blows in a row.

Code Vein - Walkthrough Part 7: Insatiable Despot
Ikhore break * – a homing attack.
Charged attack * – Be careful, he can run very quickly if he wants.

As you can see, he has a number of attacks that will check your skills. Therefore, be sure to choose the build of the hero Code Vein, which is best suited for this battle with the boss. The despot has low blood resistance (-30%), so focus on this type of natural damage.

how to defeat an insatiable despot in the first phase

The fight with the third boss in Code Vein consists of two phases. . At the first stage, the despot will attack with two knives. He will use the attacks mentioned above, and the best way to resist them is to stay in front of him and be prepared for a counterattack. Time decides everything, so be prepared to dodge as soon as the opportunity arises.

In most cases, you will be behind him, attacking his legs. If you prefer distant attacks, keep it at a distance, but be prepared to quickly destroy the crystal when the despot calls it. When his health falls below 50%, get ready for the second phase of the battle.

the second phase of the battle with the third boss in Code Vein

Despot 2.0 is a stronger opponent, since now he owns a spear. While he focuses on creating his new weapons, you can use this time to heal and strengthen yourself. The main difference between an improved and vanilla despot is his spear, which gives him a greater range. Beware of the Ichor Rift attacks because it can cause great damage. The best way to avoid this is to wait until the break is close, and then dodge forward. It is also a good opportunity to attack the despot. You guessed, go to your feet! If you have good reflexes, you will quickly kill this gentleman.

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