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How to make and use stone bricks in V Ringing

Your main goal in V Rising is to create your own vampire castle from which you will rule the surroundings. Kraft, which is the central point of the game means that you will need to collect materials and build this lock from scratch. Stone bricks are an important material in construction, and you will undoubtedly use their tons to build your castle. Here’s how to make and use stone bricks in V Rising.

How to make stone bricks in V Riding

The first step to the creation of stone bricks is to make sure that you have a meat grinder . This machine is in the section “Production” and “Improving” your assembly menu. This requires eight boards , four copper ingots and four bars . This means that you will also need a sawmill for boards and a stove for copper ingots.

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When you have a crusher, all that you need to do is place an unprocessed stone in a crusher, where it will produce stone bricks and stone dust. This requires 12 Unprocessed stone Create One stone brick and One stone dust , so it is recommended to collect as much stone as possible during adventure, as you need its ton. Then you can use these stone bricks in various stone walls and attributes that may need the castle.

To begin the manufacture of stone bricks is, of course, a long way, but as soon as you create your first brick, the rest will be as simple as finding materials. Again, you will need a ton, since almost everything you want to build later in the game will use this material.

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