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Announced as a non -symmetric match “Koori Demon” game “Gnyamon Star”. Co -fighting and battle with three busters and one monster

Mutan announced “ Gunyamon Star ” on May 22. The compatible platform will be released on a PC (Steam) soon.

“Gunyamon Star” is an asymmetric battle action game of 3VS1. This work is divided into three busters and one monster. Buster exterminates the undead that appears on the stage using a variety of weapons. Aim to win a certain number of Seouls that have been dropped to the goal. On the other hand, monsters attack the buster using skills. This is the passage of time limit, and you can win the victory by annihilating the buster. It is said that this work is inspired by the variation of the gags, “Koori Oni”.

This is a work following the physical operation action “Gonya Fighter”. The work was characterized by a cute character and a rug doll gimmick using physics. The new work “Gnyamon Star” will take over such charms, but each element will be even richer and a new match will be expanded. The character design is handled by popular illustrator Terra Terada. The gorgeous voice actors are cast on the characters that appear.

As for the content, there are also elements, such as playing games, collecting points, and purchasing skins, and gears using gears to improve character performance. This work is a 3vs1 competition game, but if the number of people is not enough, the CPU supports matching.

“Gunyamon Star” will be released soon for PC (Steam).