Roblox Project X codes (August 2020)

This year has clearly had its handful of surprises for players – a share of good and bad. A world that people are slowly starting to adopt is a Roblox world which is a false RPG, with winks to almost all imaginable anime, named Project X. With more than 13 million visits to the world, its culture At stake has become too competitive., because players are looking for any advantage to improve their avatars. Fortunately, there is a little -known, but increasing list of codes for the world that will considerably improve the capacities of players.

First, the “subto” codes are the most popular, all give players 50,000 XP of master’s.


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Subtoetheralmiracle *

Subtokidstan *
Subtokarma *

However, there are three newly announced codes, which some do not know. The awards vary, but they are really worth it.

45K I like *: 250,000 gold coins, 20 minutes of double XP and 50,000 master’s points.
15K I like : 30 minutes of double XP.
Dieuaidetous : an hour of double XP.

Each code can only be used once, but you can use all the “subto” to collect an unfathomable number of XP. All these elements can be entered at the bottom of the world’s “options” menu. Make sure to include capital letters in each code so that it is accepted.

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