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Old World: The round strategy hit is cheaper here

So far available exclusively in the Epic Game Store, Old World has finally arrived on the Steam platform. Fans of historical round strategy in the style of civilization or crusader Kings should definitely take a closer look at Old World. Especially since the first major expansion was published to celebrate the Steam releases. At GamesPlanet you can get Old World with a discount – and the addon currently (limited in time) free of charge.

Old World is just the right thing for fans of civilization and crusader Kings. Source: GamesPlanet

What distinguishes Old World?

Old World is a historical strategy game in which you lead your followers over generations and try to build an empire. It is not without reason that similarities with the civilization series cannot be overlooked: Game Designer Soren Johnson was instrumental in the development of CIV 3 and CIV 4. In addition to typical 4x global strategy elements, there is a dynamic event system in Old World with relevant decisions that decide on the well-being of the dynasty. Every round represents a year. The mortals have to marry and need an heir who continues their line. Old World extends the genre with fresh ideas and a lot of attention to detail. So it is important to regulate family matters with a lot of skill so that everyone is satisfied and you can benefit from it.

Old World is now available from GamesPlanet with a 10% discount – and with free extension Heroes of the Aegean. Source: GamesPlanet

Why should you buy Old World from GamesPlanet?

At GamesPlanet you can currently buy Old World with a 10% discount. You only pay 35.99 instead of 39.99 euros. And: If you buy Old World before June 2, you get Old World: Heroes of the Aegean, the first big expansion for the game, free of charge! Incidentally, the German localization is still in the test phase. GamesPlanet provides tips on how you can already do more German localization. Buy Old World at GamesPlanet with a 10% discount.

Buy Old World with a 10% discount from GamesPlanet

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At this point we would be happy to point out our exclusive discount campaign with GamesPlanet for Teso: High Isle. Our readers receive 5% discount on the Teso High Isle Upgrade, which will be released on June 6, and on collections that include the main game and high Isle, so they are aimed at newcomers to the world of The Elder Scrolls online. Here are all the details and the voucher code.

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