PS5: Install SSD – this is how you get more memory

Your PS5 hard drive is always full? Then just upgrade your PlayStation 5 with an additional SSD . In this guide you can find out:

  • Which SSD hard drives are suitable
  • What requirements the PS5 places in memory extensions
  • How exactly you install an SSD into your PS5

SSD installation in PS5: You have to consider that!

Not every SSD can also be installed in your PlayStation 5 . Only hard drives that have an “M.2 NVME” interface can be inserted into your console. M2 SATA SSDS, on the other hand, are not supported.

The PS5 can read hard drives with a memory size between 250 GB and 4 TB . So that you do not have to lose performance, your chosen model needs a sequential reading speed of at least 5500 MB/s.

In addition, the selected SSD should ideally have an integrated heat sink. Although it is possible to attach a cooling structure to the hard drive, we would not recommend it. An overheated SSD can not only lead to the loss of valuable data , but in the worst case also damage your PlayStation 5. Therefore, when buying the component, make sure whether it already advertises that it is suitable for Sony’s console. Then it usually has an integrated cooling system.

Below we have put together a small recommendation for you ** for you.

We recommend these SSD hard drives for your PlayStation 5

There are many SSD memory, and since M.2 bars are also used in other devices such as gaming PCs, it is sometimes unclear, Which models are best suited for the PS5. Therefore we have some recommendations for here to you:


The WD_Black SN850 from Western Digital advertises that it is compatible with the PlayStation 5. It has an integrated heat sink and reads your data with up to 7000 MB/s. They are available in sizes 500 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB.

Samsung 980 Pro

Samsung also offers a suitable hard drive for your PlayStation 5. The 980 Pro is available in the sizes 1 TB and 2 TB. Reading speed: 7000 MB/s.

Make sure that you use the version with the integrated cooling system “Heatsink” because the other variant of Sony is not recommended. Otherwise you have to provide the SSD with a cooler.

Crucial P5 Plus

The Crucial P5 Plus has no integrated cooling system, but an adaptive temperature protection, which also preserves your SSD from overheating. This has the advantage that the hard drive is a little cheaper compared to the other representatives.

The reading speed at 6600 MB/s a little lower than with the competition, whether you take the version with 500 GB, 1 TB or 2 TB. In the company you will hardly notice anything.

How you install the SSD into your PlayStation 5

To install the SSD into your PS5, you need the following:

A bright place at a table where you can work well
a non -slip and soft surface to avoid scratches

A cross slot screws r size 1
If necessary, a flashlight or the flashlight function of your smartphones

First you switch off your PlayStation 5 completely , then separate them from all cables and wait until it has cooled down. Touches even a grounded object like an unpainted heating tube to guide static electricity from your body. Otherwise you could damage your console or the SSD.

Place the console down with the PS logo and the power button from you on the surface on the table. Now you proceed as follows:

lifts the cover by picking up the edge of the lower right corner with your right hand and with your left hand the edge of the upper left corner. Then carefully push them off the console.
Removes the screw of the long, rectangular cover above the expansion slot and then removes the cover.
Removes the now visible screw and adapts the spacer to the size of your SSD.
Hold the M.2 SSD on the edge and then uses it to be notched at the top to notify the expansion connection.
* Make sure that the SSD circuit board is flush on the spacer. Make sure that the cooling structure does not interfere.
Now tip the SSD down and attach the screw to the spacer.
Asserts the cover of the expansion slot and the covering of the console .
Now you connect your PlayStation 5 again and start the console.

If everything worked out, ** ask your PS5 to format the SSD. Then you can use them without restriction and move your data on the console between the integrated and the new memory.

More tips and tricks for more space on the PS5 can also be found in MediaMarkt.
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