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The world will be destroyed when a girl is crying, Megu and Monster released

ODENCAT Co., Ltd. announced the release of the Nintendo Switch version and STEAM version of the latest film ‘Megoo and Monster’ at the Indie Live Expo on May 22. This work features a unique theme that ‘the world is destroyed when the girl cries’, and features a unique battle system that fights the monster so that the girl does not cry, and a touching story between the two characters.

■ Plot

Roy and Goran, a monster living in the world, discovers a human eyegoo who is going around Mia one day. You will open the heart of the heart, and when you find out the news of Megu’s mother, they head to the human world. …

■ Combat system

Roy is one of the best in the world and is an invincible monster with a whopping 99999 HP. However, he has a weakness to fight Megu. As he soothe the toy so that Megu does not cry, he fights with enemies attacking with various mean means. Battle can be easily enjoyed by anyone by command. When Megu cries, the world will be destroyed (game over).

■ Meeting with people living in the world

During the adventure, they meet with many monsters in the world and listen to their interesting stories. Goran, a partner, members of the Magic Council, and human poles living in the world. Can you return it safely to your mother’s arms without ringing Megu?

■ Best sound

In this title, composer Uratani Reo, known as the Monster Hunter series and Riza’s atelier 2 music manager, was in charge of the production of all the songs. The lyrics and songs of the main theme song are in charge of Laura Shigihara, who participated in to the moon, Rakuen, Plant vs Zombies, and Delta Rune.

■ Developer Comments

Ava Max - Not Your Barbie Girl (Lyrics)

For ODENCAT, it was the first time to produce a console game console and STEAM, so it was a new challenge for us. The development size and the volume of the game increased, and the combat system also introduced fresh elements. At the same time, I tried to maintain the emotions of the stories and the charms of the characters, which were shown in existing ODENCAT works such as Bear Uncle Restaurant. In various ways, the characters, the characters, the violent monster Roy and the weak human girl Megu, will be interesting, but sometimes they will be impressed. We have developed hard with all the story, game system, and music. Please enjoy it once.

Megu and Monsters are scheduled to be released in the fall of 2022, and detailed information can be found on the official website.