NVIDIA Jensen Hwang Expansion through all areas of AI in the next five years

NVIDIA Jensen Hwang said in an online question and answer to journalists at noon on the 27th, “Automation will accelerate not only in autonomous vehicles but also in all areas we encounter through AI for the next five years.”

“The graphics card has increased significantly in the last two years, but demand has been decreasing in recent two years,” said CEO of Jensen Huang. It will be possible. ”

■ “AI will automate a lot over the next five years”

Jensen Huang forecasts that AI will have a significant impact on automation over the next five years.

“Currently, AI is personalizing intangible information such as news, apps, music, and movies, but in the future, it will move the real world by controlling robots in autonomous vehicles, delivery and retail stores.”

He also said, “The factory and warehouse will move on the AI and move out of the cloud and move the real world. In addition to autonomous cars, whatever we enjoy for the next five years will be automated. The goal is. ”

■ “Reduced demand for graphics cards… The price will be normalized”

“The demand for graphic chipset has increased significantly due to the increase in cryptocurrency mining, the increase in game demand, and the increase in content makers,” said CEO of Jensen Huang. “But recently, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the Chinese government’s blockade. Is decreasing. ”

GTC 2022 Keynote with NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang

In fact, NVIDIA has been suspending new products to Russia and Belarus since March. “The demand is decreasing and the supply chain is being normalized and the supply chain is being normalized,” he said.

Jensen Huang said, “China is the center of the global supply chain, and China’s blockade has affected both supply and demand in the industry, but the market is being reopened, but the market is being reopened. Both supply will be normalized. ”

■ “Grace, the goal is different from x86”

NVIDIA plans to supply a supercomputer equipped with a processor for data centers (Grace), which is currently under development, to the market through major server manufacturers from the first half of next year.

“NVIDIA is a full-stack company that uses chips, system software, and AI algorithms, unlike existing companies that simply supply chips,” said Jensen Huang.

“The existing processor market aims to allow all software to run under the X86 command system.

■ “Mercedes-Benz, the perfect partner”

Mercedes-Benz will introduce NVIDIA autonomous driving technology from 2025. “Mercedes-Benz has an access to NVIDIA,” said Jensen Huang CEO.

“NVIDIA has data to solve autonomous driving, AI, data center, and computers, and can only bring them all or parts, but they have a deep collaboration with Mercedes-Benz and do everything throughout the life cycle of the entire lineup. I will continue to support it. ”

He also said, “The automotive business is important to NVIDIA and can generate more than $ 10 billion in sales for the next six years. Mercedes-Benz is the largest luxury car brand and value. It is a perfect partner for NVIDIA.”

■ “Broadcom VMware acquisition support… I will give birth to innovation through investment”

Jensen Huang recently announced his intention to acquire VMware for $ 61 billion (about 77 trillion won).

“Broadcom was NVIDIA’s main partner,” said Jensen Huang. At this point in which data centers, architecture, and AI change, VMware needs innovation through investment. Broadcom will innovate to VMware through investment. It will support this acquisition and there will be no problem at all. ”