Fire Emblem Musou Fukuhana Yukizuki The new figure of the students of the gold deer

On May 27, Koei Tecmo Games released a new video of “Fire Emblem Musou Fuka Kazuki”. The “new appearance” of the kin deer class students appearing in the same work has been released at once. In this work, in addition to the Fergus Holy Kingdom and the Empire of the Adasters, characters related to the Lester Lord League seem to be active.

As a kin deer class student, the new appearance of Claude and Hilda has already been unveiled. This time, students such as Lorentz, Rafael, Lissite, Ignatts, Marianne, Leony will appear in new outfits.

Lorentz, who works hard, has an Okappa style with a slightly growing hair than part of the main story. Lorentz looks good on any hairstyle. About the gentle saint giant Rafael, the bandana is wrapped around the head. It is an impression that the atmosphere has changed dramatically from the main story. Did he wake up fashionably?

The precocious genius Lissitea has a little long hair, giving the atmosphere between girls and adults. Lissitea is cute without much change of his hairstyle. The dream of art and boy Ignats has a calm impression that his hair is quite growing. He feels the growth of the body and body.

Her, her young adoptive girl Marianne, has her hair lowering her hair, and she has the impression that she is beautiful and even thinner. Will she be mistaken for a ghost even in this work? Leony, a mercenary girl, has a slightly growing hair. She still has short hair, but she will feel mature. I am worried about the inner change.

This revealed that the students of the blue lion, black eagle and gold deer Mitsu will appear as playable. It is the real pleasure of this work to be a new student and enjoy the warrior action. I am worried about how characters other than the third class appear. “Fire Emblem Musou Fuka Hana Snowzuki” will be released on June 24 for Nintendo Switch.