NC (NC) held a knowledge sharing conference NCDP 2022

NCsoft (CEO Kim Taek-jin, NC) held NCDP 2022 (NCSOFT Developers Parth 2022, NCDP) for two days from May 25 to 26.

NCDP is an in-house knowledge sharing conference of NC (NC), which shares the know-how and technology accumulated in all developments such as game planning, production, and operation. All members of NC (NC) were able to participate autonomously this year. The staff have been able to take the topic that are interested in and offline.

This year’s NCDP slogan is ‘Refocus Reconnect’. It means to understand and support each other’s expertise, and to join a new challenge.

NC (NC) gave a total of 44 lectures for two days. NC employees participated as lecturers, including AI/Machine learning, programming, sound, art, UX, UI, game design, new technology, new business, PM, and QA. There was also a “know-how sharing session” that employees applied for the topic they wanted to hear in advance.

KSC Academy: Onderzoek TU/e -Interorganisatorische kennisdeling

This year, NCDP was held as a “developer BJ lecture” in the form of personal streaming broadcasting and a general lecture held online and offline. Employees freely share their opinions on lectures through real-time chat Q & A.

NC (NC) plans to expand the development culture that shares knowledge and experience among members through internal conferences such as NCDP.