How to get the end of the world in Roblox Livetopia

Many Roblox capabilities, such as Livetopia, have secret badges that can only be obtained by performing very specific tasks or quests. In Livetopia, one of these secret badges is the End of the World icon. To find out how to earn this badge, continue to read a short guide below!

Obtaining the End of the World icon in Roblox Livetopia

From the Renaissance point Livetopia, turn the camera until you see School of the Topi Construction. Go to this building, following the street to the right of it.


From the front door of the school, you should see in the distance a sandy island-this is the place where you want to go further.

Continue to move forward on the way to the Livetopia beach.

To get to the island, you will need to swim. Like mechanics in Brookheven, just enter the water to start swimming. Once on the island, go up to its top and look at the mountains indicating the end of the map. A luminous column with the inscription edge of the world should stick out of the water in front of the mountains.

Jump back into the water and swim to this column. When interacting with it, you will receive the secret to the end of the world!

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