Pokemon GO: Anego is the new employer of the Go Fest 2022 – thats just how strong it is

** What is anego for a beast? These beasts from an additional dimension intimidated the Alola area generally games and also remained in the fight with the islanders-Kapu-Riki, Kapu-Fala, Kapu-Toro and Kapu-Kime.

They are checked out by the ultra-research team. This is currently likewise stood for in Pokémon GO with RHI as component of brand-new special research study.

The 2nd day Despokémon Go Fest 2022 brings the new Stufe 5 boss Anego. We will reveal you how solid the first ultrabesty is below.

The ultrabesties can be compared to fabulous beasts in terms of values and also obviously obtain precisely this treatment in Pokémon Go

However, you ought to at least safeguard a copy to complete the Pokédex. And that understands: Maybe the ultrabesty can still learn toxin in the future.


Important: Groudon and also Kyogre will certainly be back in the Raids in the coming weeks. Anego is anticipated to be catching just today, June 5th.

Anego is so strong in Pokémon Go.

  • You can discover the most effective RAID counterattack versus Anego below.
  • You additionally get it via unique study bright globe if you have a ticket.

The trouble is his strike combination: Anego can learn the instant strike in Pokémon Go and the billing strike. While mud bomb is a good attack, acid can not persuade. Poisoning would have been the far better move here-but however Anego can not discover that at the minute.

So you obtain anego: Anego has actually looked like a step-5 raid boss for the go.

Just how good is anego? Anego is an ultrabesty of the type of rock and also poisonous substance, and not water, as you could think. One need to not be misleaded by the jellyfish: the ultrabesties typically look for something completely different than they are.

Furthermore, you rarely need poison opponents in Pokémon-Go-Raids.

In from the worths, Anego arranges high up with the poison aggressors and also is in fact the very best monster there, you can see from crypto as well as mega-Pokémon.

Furthermore, Anego completely lacks the opportunity of finding out a rock-soor assault. It is overtaken by numerous various other monsters with the rock attackers.

Is ango worth it anyhow? The values of Anego are solid, the attacks are only to a limited extent.

The 2nd day Despokémon Go Fest 2022 brings the new Stufe 5 manager Anego. Just how great is anego? Anego is an ultrabesty of the kind of rock as well as poisonous substance, and not water, as you may think. The trouble is his attack mix: Anego can discover the immediate attack in Pokémon Go as well as the charging strike. The values of Anego are strong, the attacks are only to a restricted extent.