Netmarble, Casual Healing GameMarge Kungya Island released on June 15th

[Moon Young-soo Moon Young-soo] Netmarble (CEO Kwon Young-sik, Do Ki-wook) announced on the 10th that it will launch the casual game ‘Merge Kungya Island’ on June 15 to Google Play and Apple App Store around the world.


Based on Netmarble’s own IP ‘Kungya’, Merge Kungya Island is a ‘Merge’ genre game that has been popular in the Western mobile game market. It is a fun to create new objects by combining objects and objects. The user can collect Kungya and resources from Merge Kungya Island, creating and raising your own island.

The game has a full worldview on the theme of Kungya IP and ‘Environment’. It is also a special feature that is linked to gameplay, easy operation, and animation ‘Kungya’, which is being serialized on YouTube.

Netmarble will release the YouTube content ‘Kungya Drifter’ on the release date. Kungya drifter contains episodes where Kungya travels all over the country to purify human civilization.

Currently, Merge Kungya Island is pre-registered through its official site, Google Play, and Apple App Store. If you participate in pre-registration, you can get 100 characters ‘Rice Ball Kungya’ and 100 Gem (Game Goods).

Kungya is an eco-friendly character with the theme of vegetables, fruits, and rice balls. Netmarble is newly designed for the 20th anniversary of Kungya, and is expanding its IP area by launching animation, toys, and goods.