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Summers War: Hundred Years War, New Monster Kung Fu Girl Pay Update

Com2us (CEO Song Jae-joon, Lee Joo-hwan) has updated the new monster to the real-time strategic game, Summers War: Hundred Years War.

The new monster, Pay, has appeared as an attractive Kung Fu girl in the form of an oriental martial arts fighting. The main attack skill, Danryongpa, which pours out condensed groups at once, is used as the main focus, and attacks five times at the time of the skill cast, which causes damage to ignoring the maximum health proportions and defense of each target. In addition, the ‘Mooyounggak’, which stuns enemies in the use of the skill, is also equipped with a sub skill.


Depending on the installation of the skill stone, the fat probability of the Pay can be increased or the damage of the dark dragons is increased, and the Jingryong wave, which boasts an expanded attack range and firepower, is activated.

In commemoration of this update, ‘Hundred Years War’ has organized an event that allows new monsters to be easily acquired and experienced quickly. When the special summons will be conducted by the 30th, the new monster can be obtained with a higher chance than other monsters in the same grade. You can also experience level boosting, which is the same adjustment as the summoner level of the new monster you acquired.

In addition, by achieving various missions given in the game every day through the ‘Pay Launching Point Event’, you can earn various item rewards, including the new monster ‘Pay’.

Meanwhile, the Hundred Years War is a real-time strategy game based on the global hit ‘Summers War’ IP. It provides unpredictable fun of counterattack and reversal through combat systems such as Sangseong relationship, summoner spell, and counter skills according to monster properties.

Information on this update and game can be found in the official Cafe Cafe.