3 Match collection type RPG Brown Dust and Puzzle pre -booking starts

On the 14th, Neowiz will start a pre-booking domestic pre-booking ahead of the official launch of BrownDust & Puzzle.

‘Brown Dust & Puzzle’ is a collectable RPG that combines three-match puzzles with Neowiz’s representative IP ‘BrownDust’. It is characterized by a combination of various hero combinations with simple operation, and the player solves the puzzle in various ways according to the skills and unique characteristics of the hero. In particular, you can experience more strategic play by adding a variety of elements such as turrets, obstacles, bombs, and recovery blocks.

In addition to the ‘Basic Campaign Stage’, which allows you to check the different stories of existing brown dirt mercenaries, it also supports various game modes such as Guild War and PVE mode ‘The Island of Hunting’, ‘Tower of Challenge’, and PVP Mode Duel.

‘Brown Dust and Puzzle’ domestic pre-booking can be participated through the Google Play Store until the official launch. When participating in advance reservations, 10 ‘advanced contracts’, which are used for hero contracts, will be rewarded.

For more information about Brown Dust and Puzzles, please visit the official community.