The gangster neck and the main neck are strongly introduced Diablo 4

Diablo 4 ‘ and ‘Necromancer (Necromancer)’, which appeared through the XBOX & Bethesda showcase after the agreement on Activision Blizzard. A quarterly update has been released to check the detailed information about the ‘Code of Dynasty’.

Diablo 4’s Game Director Joe Shellie unveiled the newly released information and mechanic with the chief designer Adam Jackson on the official Blizzard official website on the 13th.

The necromancer, who has a powerful code of magic and obeying enemies, has appeared in the series since Diablo 2, becoming one of the leading jobs of the Diablo series. The use of core resources connecting the series also continues in Diablo 4. It is integer and body.

Integers are the main resources of the necromancer, which recovers the essence with basic technology, or rises little by little over time. Integers are consumed when a necromantor uses a variety of technologies. The dead body, which is left behind, is also a resource used by the necromatist to use technology. Technologies that symbolize the necromancer, such as a skeleton and body explosion, use this body.

In addition to the enemy dying and leaving the remains, it can be made through various effects in the game. The corpse is given enough to fight the enemy, but if you plan to use the body consumption technology, you can use the relevant build more flexibly as a body generation effect.

The Necromancer uses a sword, a dagger, a magic rod, a concentration point, and a shield, and can be used as the only job in the game. In addition, the player can complete his own build and solve the game through four major gameplay methods: bones, darkness, blood, and military.

Bone Technology is packed with strong physical characteristics. Among them, the core is bone spirit.

The bone soul, one of the symbolic skills of bone technology, returns to powerful technology. The bone soul, which runs out of all integers, finds an enemy nearby and damages all the enemies around with a big explosion as soon as it touches the enemy. Bone souls can increase the damage in the case of maximizing the amount of integers that are consumed, and when maximized, the cooldown is significantly reduced, so if you invest in the probability of integer generation and maximization, it can cause great damage in a short time.

In addition to the attack skills, there are also bone prison that restricts enemy movement. Bone prison, which hits the floor and surrounds bones in the area, can only be used to subdue the enemy in the order of treatment priority, or to trap enemies before the regional attack.

In the skill video released on the day, he showed his bone prison and trapped the devils and handled the enemy at once in a bone soul.

Darkness Technology is a dark magic that overwhelms the enemy by continuing damage or putting short attacks several times. In addition, the enemy attacks in this way to get a buff, and the enemy is weakened and a crowd control effect.

The technology introduced in the video is corruption and dry disease. Corruption is a basic skill of dark technology, which causes dark damage to the enemy and produces an integer. In addition to integers, it also creates a corpse periodically and relaxes the use of body use technology.

Blight is a technique that blows a black sphere, and is a technology that creates a defiled area over time or explodes over time. Enemies in this area suffer from sustained damage and the enemies that cannot be moved are more damaged.

Defense-oriented Blood Magic absorbs the enemy’s vitality, while also changing defense performance into attacks and damage to the enemy.

Blood flooding is a skill that draws blood from the surrounding enemies and delivers it to the necromancer. In particular, depending on the number of bleeding enemies, the damage increases, which can cause greater damage if you deal with many enemies or jump into the middle of the excessive plate.

There are also skills that are suitable for jumping between enemies. Using blood fog, the necromantor turns into a fog that is immune to all damages for a certain period of time and absorbs the vitality of enemies passing through the fog. It can jump into a group of blood fogs and use blood floods. It is also free to move in invincibility for a certain time and can be used as a survivor.

The Army refers to the form of summoning a number of undead dogs like the military. Players can build builds in the direction of making various skeletons and golems strong, and can also use bones, darkness and blood skills together.

As a combination with other skills, military builds can overpower enemies with flexible settings. If you make an additional corpse as a corruption of dark technology, it will be easier to summon the army, and you can organize the undead army after creating a body with other technologies. In addition, the classic play that builds up and throws a bone window can be implemented in Diablo 4.

On the other hand, unlike the existing works that had to assign multiple technical buttons to the undead summoning, Diablo 4 only requires two techniques. Undead summons are divided into two of the skulls, golems and two. Revival of the Skeleton can be used to revive all of the various skulls, and the golem skills will exert their unique effects depending on the type of active golem.

Skill button allocation will be affected and more free to link with the bones, darkness and blood mentioned by the developers.

Meanwhile, the developer update was introduced by the Democratic Book of Democratic Mechanics.

The book of the dead is a space where you can freely set three summons: Skeleton Warrior, Skeleton Magicians, and Golem. Skeleton warriors are set as one of the chuckles, defense and harvests. Chuck disease is a general warrior, but the attack power increases, and the defense is a skeleton warrior, as its name suggests. Instead of slowing the attack speed, the harvester uses a wide range of damage to the enemy in front and a special charging attack.

In addition to the unit specialization of this type, there is a unique upgrade by unit and can optimize the army according to the player’s way of playing.

If you want to choose the build to play the game alone instead of the army, you can sacrifice the elements of the army’s reinforcement elements. The sacrifice in the book of the deceased gives a permanent strengthening effect to the necromancer. Instead, sacrifices use the ability to summon the necrosis, and the developers said they could adjust this part very delicately. This allows you to control all the summonable units, hold only a part, or do not have any 1. The player chooses to strengthen the combination of other skills and military use builds, or special builds.

Adam Jackson, designer, introduced the necromancer and asked for a feedback on it and said he would soon meet with the player with the game.

‘Diablo 4’ will be released in 2023 on PCs, PS, XBOX, etc., and cross play is supported on all models.