3 additional new types, 18 games that have not been disclosed in May

On the 21st, the Korea Game Policy Autonomous Organization announced a list of non-qualitators in accordance with the Code of Autonomous Regulation (Code) to create a healthy game culture.

The announcement is based on the revised Code, which was implemented in December 2021. The revised Code of Conduct, including the unveiling individual probability of capsule-type content, such as character drawing and equipment drawing in the existing Code, is also successful. It was made to disclose the back.

GSOK is monitoring whether the probability-type item probability probability is disclosed for the top 100 online and mobile top 100 games from the 1st to the end of each month. In addition, if you find out not compliance in the monitoring results, you should first recommend compliance with the relevant games and operators, and if the game and operators do not modify their complaints for two consecutive months, take warning measures. It is taking measures to cancel autonomous regulatory certifications and autonomous regulatory certifications.

Accordingly, the Autonomous Regulatory Evaluation Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Evaluation Committee) in the organization will unveil 18 types of autonomous regulations (2 online and 16 mobile) as of May 2022.


In addition, according to the May monitoring results, which were released on the GSOK homepage, the compliance rate of autonomous regulations in the top 100 games in mobile and online was 1.2%, and the mobile recorded 66.7%, down 2.5% from last month.

GSOK explained, This is the reason that some compliance games have not disclosed their probability after the update. Hwang Sung-ki said, We are trying to quickly shift by delivering autonomous regulations to the game after the update.