Pokemon trips is preparing the next great fight

At present, the anime of Pokémon trips has become more interesting than ever, since a tournament is being held that places the best coaches of each region to demonstrate who is the best. One of these fights already began in the last episode, but fans are waiting for the next confrontation.

Specifically, the current fight was held between the Galar champion, Leon , and that of Kalos , Alain , being a duel where two powerful Charizard collided their Attacks As for the following qualifier, there the public will witness the champion Diantha of Kalos Against the legendary dragon coach, Lance of the region Kanto .

Episode 116 of Pokémon trips is titled The pride of the champions! Lance vs. Diantha and the synopsis of it describes it like this:

Lance and Diantha face the second meeting of the first round of the Teacher Tournament. This battle between two matched champions is a fierce up and down with the pride of two coaches who refuse to surrender throughout the exhibition. Who of them has the real domain of their completely temperate skill and movements exchange…?

For now, you know who is going to fight the protagonist of the story. So a great fight against Steven is expected, son of the president of the company Devon and champion of the region Hoenn _.