All that is known about Diablo IV

2 years ago, at the annual BlizzCon event, Blizzard introduced the world the first Diablo IV trailer, their new project, the development of which they have been engaged for quite a long time. In this article, we will analyze in detail everything that is known about him at the moment. Keep in mind that the information below in the process of developing the game may change in one direction or another.

main information and features

So, let’s start with the simplest basic information:

  • At the time of writing, the release is scheduled for 2023. To be completely accurate, as in the case of Starfield, it should take place within 12 months. Thus, in theory, the deadline for exit-June 2023.
  • Among the supported platforms are the following: PC, PlayStation 4 \ 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S.
  • The game is developed on a new engine, among the features of which it is worth noting support for Physically Based Rendering technology. In short, with the right approach, it allows you to renders various things in a more realistic form.

The most interesting features are displayed below:

  • The atmosphere of the fourth part has become more gloomy and Gothic. Models of the NPC, characters and opponents have gone from cartoon style towards more realism.
  • The game will have a simple character editor that allows you to create your alter ego.
  • The game will support a cross-face and cross-progress. Thus, pumping the character on PC, they can play on consoles.
  • The console version will support such a function as Couch Co-Op, it allows you to play next to a friend on one screen. Moreover, each character will have its own separate interface so as not to change the equipment in turn.
  • In PC versions, players will be able to choose one of 2 options for displaying the fast access panel. The first-standing location in the center, the second or more compact version located in the lower left corner. Alas, only the second option will be available on the consoles.
  • The hardcore regime and seasons will still be present.
  • Add a clans system.


And a few words about the plot component. The actions of the new part unfold many years after the events of 3 parts, and this time the main villain will be the daughter of Mephisto-Litite, who, according to belief, laid the foundation for humanity. According to the developers, the players will take about 35 hours to pass the story company.


At the time of launch, players will be able to conquer the new world of the Diablo universe in one of 5 basic classes. They are distinguished by a unique battle style, mechanics and a set of abilities. Fortunately, the developers decided not to tie the classes to the floor, so you can create a druid male or Druad-woman.

The barbarian (barbarian) -Brutal warrior preferring to solve all problems with gross physical strength. A unique feature or, more simply, class mechanics lies in a system called arsenal. It allows you to carry 4 weapons with you at once and switch between them during the battle.

sorceress (sorceress) -is able to masterfully command magic in all its forms and manifestations. A feature of this class was the char system-player can place up to 3 abilities in special strengthening slots, after which you cannot manually activate the ability and activate a special effect. For example, when choosing a meteorite, it will periodically fall for random opponents.

Druid (druid) -master of reincarnations triumphantly returns to the world of Diablo, offering players the opportunity to destroy opponents in the form of a werewolf, a bear, with the help of animals and the magic of nature. Actually, the unique mechanics of the class is just the possibility of changing the form, and in battle you can remain in a changed form for quite some time.

Rogue (robber) -yesmous master, equally well owning daggers, swords, bows, crossbows, and thanks to the arsenal system, he can carry 4 weapons with him at once. In addition, in battle, he can use the magic of shadows, shadow clones and, thanks to the Imbue system, gives his ability an additional type of damage, cold, darkness.

Necromincer (necromancer) -Suscingly owns the magic of darkness and blood, and also commands the bones and bodies of the deceased. In Diablo 4, the arsenal of weapons of the necromancers will be replenished with the new braid archetype, and they will also be given a book of the dead-this is a system that allows you to configure the abilities and your army of the dead from the very beginning of the game. The latter, as in the case of Diablo 3, consists of skeletons-warriors, skeletons-magicians and golem. Using a special interface, you can strengthen them by choosing one of the roles, or if you wish to sacrifice to strengthen the character.


Unlike the previous part, where the world is divided into numerous, sometimes rather spacious individual locations, this time the developers decided to use a model of a completely open world. In the process of studying it, players will visit 5 regions-lands of the squadsglen druids (Skosglen), snow fratured peaks (split peaks), wild Dry Steppes (dry steppes), swampy Havezar (Havezar) and finally the Kejhistan desert (Kedzhistan). Each region differs not only in a bioma, but also by a certain type of opponents, which you will not find anywhere else.

The second important change in the world system was that now you can meet other players, but this innovation does not turn the game into a full-fledged MMORPG due to the presence of several features:

  • In the world, you will only occasionally encounter other players. I want to add from myself that it seems that it will be realized as in Tower of Fantasy, in it players also occasionally run near you, fight with opponents, etc.
  • Only you and your group will be exploring the dungeons and participate in the main plot events.
  • After completing the plot tasks of the city, they automatically turn into social hubs, where you can meet other players.
  • In the places of world events (events), you will definitely meet other players.

Players will be able to explore the vast expanses of the new world not only on foot, but also with the help of vehicles presented so far in the face of a horse (at least only it could be seen in the rollers). In addition to the main purpose, they can attach trophies obtained in battle to them (hello, witcher 3).


Equipment with the character always plays one of the key roles in development, but at the same time in Diablo 4, it will finally be the only one around which the entire build is built, so Blizzard wants to achieve a balance between different factors. Equipment can be obtained in standard ways, with the exception of one small feature, the opponents only a certain lutus inherent in them. That is, from the goal A you can knock out a magic nagibator who is not in the goal of Z.

Below you will find the main features of the equipment system.

  • The objects are divided according to Grad into a regular (white)-Magic (blue)-Chny (gold)-legendary and sets (orange and green).
  • Unique objects with fixed properties, a unique appearance and theme will return to the game.
  • The legendary Graid adds new properties to abilities or changes the principle of their action.

    • These properties can fall on various objects of this grade, for example, on jewelry.
    • With the help of the NPC, legendary properties from legendary objects can be extracted by turning into an expense item and installed into other equipment. Keep in mind that in the process of extracting the donor is destroyed and legendary properties cannot be transferred to unique objects. When transmitting properties, say, a gold item, it turns into a legendary one.
  • Some objects have the effect of increasing talents from the tree of skills, and in this way you can discover not yet studied skills, even if the character does not yet correspond to the minimum required level.

  • Weapons have an indicator of attack speed and physical effects. That is, for example, on shields, in addition to various additional effects, there is always a chance to block the attack.
  • Only the weapon increases the indicator of the overall attack, and the armor-protection.
  • Runes can be installed in equipment.
    • There are two types: runes of conditions and runes effects.

Development of the character

The character development element is expressed in 2 standard aspects of the character characteristics, the skill tree and 1 unique The Paragon Board. Next, we will analyze the influence and meaning of each of them.

The characteristics -ON Each character have 4 basic characteristics that affect various combat shows, however, the provided bonuses are slightly different depending on the class. In addition to this, they allow you to open additional effects of nodes in the skills tree if you gain X values of characteristics Y. For example, having collected 225 forces and dexterity, who is beloved by everyone, Spin To Win during use increases critical damage up to 1% up to + twenty%.

The value of the characteristics can be slightly increased by equipment, and the main increase is given by standard glasses obtained with an increase in level. Thus, summarizing the above, it is important to strengthen the correct characteristics, because sometimes they affect vital indicators.

  • Strength-its protection. As can be seen in the picture, in Barbara it also increases the damage of abilities.
  • Intellecting is overtaking all resistance. In sorceresses, it also increases the damage of abilities.
  • The power of will, it is overpowering the incoming healing. In barbarians, it also increases the generation of class energy, in sorceresses-Shans of critical damage.
  • Dexterity, the chance of evading an enemy attack is overeating. The barbarians also have a chance of critical damage, the sorceresses are the generation of class energy.

Tree of the skills -Inno standard system development system, with the exception of the fact that it finally looks like a tree, and not a scheme with branches. With its help, players will open new abilities, improvement of abilities and various basic passives. To unlock all this, skills glasses will be required, they are issued with an increase in the level.

Already, the developers have confirmed that at high levels, players will be able to open only about 30-40% of the tree of the tree. Fortunately, due to the ability to reset the tree, you can experiment with a combination of various options, but this function is paid and the price increases as the character develops.

The Paragon Board -Systeve of improvement, which opens at level 50. It is presented in the form of a round large board with various cells, which in one way or another enhance the character. Starting an increase from the central cell and reaching one of the extreme ones, you can attach the second to the first board, while creating a unique combination of various options.

On the second board, the improvement process is already starting on the edge, and in the center there is a legendary cell. What is its difference from the rest, as well as all types of cells, we will analyze further.

  • Ordinary cells-ordinary, but rather significant increase to characteristics.
  • Magic cells-more powerful and diverse amplifiers.
  • Rare cells-illegal cells that significantly enhance the character. They also give additional effects if the characteristic reaches a certain level.
  • The legendary cell, when the first panel of improvement will be passed, in the center of each new panel you can open one legendary cell. They give the character a new legendary property.
  • Glyph is placed in such cells, they can be found all over the world of the game. After placement, they give various positive effects depending on how many active cells are in a certain radius. Glyphs can be improved by passing especially dangerous dungeons. After improved, the radius of the glyph increases, allowing it to interact with a large number of cells.


In conclusion, we will analyze the various activity of the game or, in other words, content. It is worth clarifying one important detail: according to the developers, the plot ends at about 45 levels and further than the character can be pumped up to 100. Also, some of Endheim Activities are in development and we do not know anything about them.

Simple activity of the open world:

  • Side tasks.
  • Fortresses occupied by the enemy. After stripping, they turn into friendly settlements, which can open access to special content.
  • Hatter fields-special PVP zones.
  • Various local events (events).
  • Defiled chests and sanctuaries.
  • World bosses.

The dungeons -Soyed procedurally generated locations, which, thanks to this technology, will be changed at each passage. In total, about 150 similar dungeons are scattered around the world of Diablo 4, you can try to go through them alone or together with a group of like-minded people. For this content, the developers came up with several interesting features:

  • In the dungeons, players can perform a number of special tasks. They provide more valuable awards, however, as they fulfill them, the complexity is gradually increasing. Each dungeon will have its own unique tasks.
  • In the process of studying the world, you can find unique keys, with their help you can strengthen any dungeon. In this case, you will increase its complexity and add special modifiers, but all this for the sake of more valuable awards.
  • In Endgeim, complex nightmare versions of the dungeons become available (although it is possible that the dungeon, improved with the help of keys, is not entirely clear from the description of the developers).

whispering tree -endheim system with frequent world tasks and instructions, for their implementation you can get legendary equipment, experience, resources, etc. Judging by the description, she, like The Paragon Board, opens at the level 50 of the character.