If the telecommunications service is suspended, it will be compensated for up to 10 times the time fee.

The Korea Communications Commission announced on the 24th that it will improve the terms and conditions of major telecommunication companies to secure the effectiveness of user damage relief due to the suspension of telecommunication service.

According to the terms and conditions of major telecommunications companies, if the service is stopped for 3 hours or 1 month cumulative 6 hours, the high-speed Internet is required to reimburse the amount of 6 times that of the service fee and 8 times worth of mobile calls.


The KCC decided that it was necessary to reflect the recently changed communication environment. Since November last year, we have discussed with SK Telecom, SK Broadband, KT, and LG Uplus to improve the system, including damages.

Improved terms and conditions include shortening of damages and expanding the amount. If the high-speed Internet and mobile telephone service is suspended for more than 2 hours in a row, if you claim damages, you can get 10 times the time of time fee for the service.

If the telecommunication service is suspended, the rate of return will be automatically returned next month without the user’s application. Unlike damages that the user must apply directly, the return of the rate must be returned without the user’s application. However, there is an unclear aspect, so the KCC has been automatically returned next month.

The telecommunications service provision through the carrier’s homepage and the customer center app will also be strengthened and damaged guidance will be strengthened. The KCC believed that it was difficult to find information about the service on the telecommunications company’s homepage or customer center app when a telecommunications service was suspended. A separate menu will be established in the homepage and customer center app so that users can easily check the communication service and to cope quickly.

The revision of the Terms and Conditions will be implemented in July by improving the computer system for each operator through the report process of the Ministry of Science and ICT. The homepage is reorganized in August.