Fallece Bernie Stolar, former president of Sega of America

Something that is always a reason for sadness in the world of video games, is the death of great creators who contributed quite positively to this fruitful business. And precisely today it is one of those days, because Bernard Bernie Stolar , a fundamental part of Sega de América and PlayStation has left this plane recently.

Stolar He began his career in 1980 when he co-founded Pacific novelty manufacturing inc , an arcade machines that offered games rooms throughout the state of California . Afterwards, he would work for Atari in his slot division, before being transferred to the company’s domestic console division that had his crisis in the year 83.

He was the first president of Sony Computer Entertainment America and played a decisive role in the firm of characters such as Crash Bandicoot, Ridge Racer and Spyro The Dragon in PS1 . On his part, it is said that he applied a no RPG policy because the genre was mainly in 2D at that time, and thus the power of the first PlayStation would not be shown.

He later moved to Sega of America , where he supervised the launch of the console Saturn . Subsequently, Stolar became Operations Director in March of 1997 and President the following year.

Its most relevant moment in SEGA was when it was announced that Dreamcast would have a price of $ 199 USD during a speech in 1999. However, it came to light that this enraged to SEGA of Japan, who insisted that the device had a price. at $ 249 USD to maximize profits. Decision that perhaps was not the best.


This last decision could have had an impact on his job. Since before the launch of the console in North America, Stolar was fired and received a compensation package of 5 million dollars.

Here his statement after his dismissal:

I took Sega’s position based on conversations with Hayao Nakayama. Unfortunately, Nakayama was expelled from the company by Mr. Okawa at the end of 1999, and when they expelled him, I also had a discussion with Japan. They also expelled me.

Bernie Stolar He died at 75 years of age. It is not commented what the cause of him was, but he spent in his native California .