Valve alerts: You need to never do that with your Steam Deck

Valves Steam Deck has actually been in the hands of numerous players for a few months currently, and also although there are different versions that provide various setups and therefore various services, some customers are not yet satisfied with the power of their tool.

Steam-Deck-Mod reduces the lifespan of the tool significantly

The packing IC ends up being very warm and the thermal pads nearby should not be relocated. In addition, the majority of 2242 M. 2 drives consume more electricity and also become hotter than what the deck is created for.

Additionally the modder Belly Jelly, who discovered out that you can place a larger SSD into the Steam deck if you bring a couple of victims, as reported amongst other PCGamers. Users that are not satisfied with the 512GB from Valve must not obtain a bigger SSD directly, because as Valve Hardware Designer Lawrence Yang reports on Twitter, the Modden of the Steam Deck is not an excellent suggestion.


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The Steam Deck was probably created in such a method that the smallest change can make sure that the resilience of the tool is considerably restricted. This is commonly the situation with gadgets of this size, yet it is good to receive a main confirmation. Customers that desire even more hard drive space must for that reason be waiting for a newer variation of the Steam deck before making their own adjustments.