The donation of his life: a Korean streamer receives $ 100,000 as a birthday gift

It is always very difficult to measure the difficulty of the job of streamer . We must not neglect the pressure related to the exhibition, the schedules of the activity that consume a lot of time without forgetting the very strong competition that exists in the environment. Many dream of getting an Entwitch place, but the reality is that very few achieve it … On the other hand, those who manage to make their way, generally do not have to complain about their finances. Among subscriptions, donations and bits, there is good savings to do and it would be hypocritical to deny it.

Recently, a streamer had the very good surprise to receive a donation of 100 thousand dollars of a shadow spectator for her birthday. Without judging her merit or her needs, we must recognize that this type of madness does not happen every day in another sphere of activity.

A Something Special Streamer


The streamer in question is not any1. In Europe, Park Sora I shouldn’t tell the players community, but in South Korea, she was a K-Pop ex-Idol. Member of the Peace and Bullock groups, she began her career in 2016 and although today she is no longer really active on the stage, she is still talking about her on Twitch. She still has loyal followers who follow her everywhere and was one of them, under the name of Tako, who decided to give her on her birthdays with a huge donation of 100,000 crushers.

The sum is overwhelming and the artist was shocked to discover it. She can afford beautiful gifts to celebrate her her birthday of her. However, Tako specified in her message that this sum would be used above all to pay the rent, good food and beautiful clothing sets. Some will find that this type of relationship is a bit spooky , but well, as long as you do not ask for anything in return, welcome.

Twitch, a separate world?

Some small streamers may be jealous. In fact, Sora is not a heavyweight on the scene and, according to Invenlobal , she has an average of 300 spectators. It is far from ridiculous, but it is rare that the streamers receive $ 100,000 for her birthday, even the most famous. But on Twitch, there is no real logic, especially when an external personality already known by the population arrives. Here we are talking about a singer, but we also had the right to athletes , journalists or even politicians .

In any case, we would like to know if this famous Tako will return so much money next year. Until then, you can still follow the directs of Sora where she plays (Pubg, Monster Hunter) or talks about her experience as ex idol.