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How to get a Ratalos mantle in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, you need a lot of materials to get armor or weapons that you want to create. Nevertheless, there are many ways to get parts based on a fracture of the limbs of the monster, killing or capturing the beast. Ratos’s mantle is the rarest booty from Ratalos, so this is the best way to get a Ratalos mantle in Sunbreak.

The best way to farm Rathalos Mantle in Sunbreak

The best way to farm the Ratalos mantle is to take quest master of the Rang King of the crumbling castle, or, if you need help, take the Operation Purple Fire survey quest, but you will also have to kill Magnamalo. The easiest quest is the King of the Rushing Castle.

Before you go to this quest, bring two traps, a trap and a shock trap, as well as eight bombs with a tranquilizer. You do not want to kill the monster. Make sure you have a thunder or dragon weapon to make it easier for you to use double blades, an insects or a sword and a shield. The hammer is useful for destroying parts, but the blade can cut off the tail and at the same time break the parts of the body.

During the quest, carefully follow the right upper angle of the screen, since a blue icon will appear under the image of Ratalos-this means that the monster is weak and now it can be caught. In addition, pay attention to your Palico, as they will mention when the monster becomes weak.

Rathalos Mantle falls as a percentage

Rathalos Mantle is the rarest material that falls out of Rathalos in Sunbreak, so get ready for a large amount of grinding.

Ratalos mantle *
Capture reward: 3%
Award for a broken detail: 3%
Cut the award: * 3%
Target reward: 2%
falling material award: 1%

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How to increase the chances of obtaining a Ratalos mantle in MHR Sunbreak

The capture of the beast should not be your only thought, since breaking parts of Rathalos also gives you a chance to get a Ratalos mantle. Ratalos consists of three parts that can be broken. Wings, head and back . Each broken part gives 3% individual chance obtaining a Ratalos mantle.

During the battle, you must focus on the tail using a cutting weapon. Having concentrated on the tail, you can chop it off to get an additional thread for a 3% chance to get a Ratalos mantle.

The last thing you can do is a trip on the winger additional monsters on the map to attack Ratalos. At the same time, white drops will appear, and you can get 1% chance to find the mantle of Ratlos . If you control the equestrian punisher on the ratalos, this will increase the number of white drops. Do this with every monster to increase a chance. 1% is a little, but it is worth it.

If you do not capture it, you can kill it so that with a probability of 3% get a ratalos mantle up to three times , depending on whether you have skills for more cuts. But this is a more time-consuming way to obtain a Ratalos mantle.

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