Call of duty

Last Call BBS early access starts with eight puzzle games such as food production and plastic models!

To date, Developer Zachtronics, which has worked on TIS-100, OPUS Magnum, and EXAPUNKS, has started early access to Last Call Bbs , the last game in the studio.

This work is a collection of puzzle games that express retro computers. Eight puzzle games such as food production, plastic models, meat sculptures, dungeon search, CAD programming, tiled matching, and stock tag solitia are included.

20th Century Food Court: Designed a food production plant as in the 20th century, more than 700 years ago. Let’s operate the machine efficiently while keeping the cost low!

Steed Force Hobby Studio:Assemble a big hit animation, a robot model that appears in Steed Force, on a computer. There is no need for sandpaper to assemble!

X’bpgh: The forbidden Path: Let’s step into the cursed world and make a strange meat sculpture in exchange for eternal life. Your husband is happy… but can you trust him?

Sawayama Solitaire: For Zachtronics works, novel solitia games are indispensable. This time, a new element will be added to the classic Solitaire, Clon Dike.

Dungeons & Diagrams: Try your skills with attractive tile-based logic puzzles. Can you grasp the inside of the dungeon and steal all treasures?

CHIPWIZARD Professional: Let’s build the integrated circuit using wire, transistors and capacitors. Please wait a moment… Is this a game? Or a CAD program?

Hack*Match: Tile matching mini games that appeared in EXAPUNKS were completely remastered and revived. You can enjoy a single player campaign and a local match-type multiplayer (with Steam Remote Play Support).

Kabufuda Solitaire: Retro disake of high difficulty solitia games that appeared in ELIZA. Let’s make a set of the same card using a Japanese stock tag.


Last Call BBS, which also suggests a mystery solving element related to the back story, is distributed for 2,050 yen/2,350 yen for each with Steam/Microsoft Store (Game Pass). Early access is scheduled for one to two months, and it is said that it will improve operability and balance based on feedback from players, and want to add content in some form, such as a new puzzle or mini-game.