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Skull and Bones: 5 details of the Pirate and Naval Battles of Ubisoft

After many turbulence and a fairly chaotic development, Skull & Bones will finally be part of the Ubisoft alignment by the end of 2022.

In a special event, the Gala firm has presented a new gameplay and the novelties of this pirate game in which they have been working so much.

Finally a release date

Skull & Bones finally has a release date: It will be on November 8 at PlayStation and Xbox and PC consoles. A quite risky choice since, although they have nothing to do, it is just one day before God of War Ragnarok, in which the players’ savings are probably left for that month.

In any case, it is good to know about this project, that on more than one occasion we came to think that it had been abandoned. And the shown seems much more than it seemed initially, with an experience of creation and construction beyond its naval battles.

A new address

** As we mentioned earlier, Skull and Bones had to focus only on the skirmishes between pirates.

Of course, the heart of the gameplay will not change: we continue in a purely naval orientation, although now it will be possible to get off your ship to find treasures or resources and look for advanced positions in search of equipment or companions buccaneers.

of the Menu Cooperative

The multiplayer mode will obviously be one of the essential components of Skull & Bones and, in addition to the PVP skirmishes, the buccaneros can enjoy the completion of the band’s contracts . The Games as Ubisoft service, you can join your friends and create a group is a two-step process, after which it is possible to share missions and arsenal to progress together in the Indian Ocean.

You will also have to get used to it, since the PVP games will encourage the waters of Skull & Bones, and be sure to get well prepared before waiting to win the fat award: just as in be of thieves , Your competitors You can try to sink on the way home ** to loot your basements full of loot.

Social Center and Stores


Yes, it will be possible to wander through the pirate stalls and travel their stores to customize your character or your ship. It is also the type of place where you can agree with other players to sail together through the sea.

Apart from maritime activities, you will have to manage your savings and find new technologies to present merchants , thanks to the manufacturing plans that you will find during your adventures. As usual, the loot is categorized by rarity color and the equipment will not be neglected, as we will see just below.

Customization of the ship

This is perhaps the point that we liked the most in this presentation: customization and different kinds of ships could make a difference and allow Skull & Bones to attract players fond of construction elaborations. The game will be equipped with many weapons and decorations to make your ocean mount a true terror of the seas.

At least that will be needed to wait triumphant from an assault on a fortress or port, synonymous with many valuable rewards. By the way, it will be possible to customize your character practically completely, which will interwoven a lot to the players to find the right style.

Our opinion on the presentation of Skull & Bones

S&B has done very well to change its tone and also*

With their personalization possibilities that seem quite advanced and their PVE/CO-OP part that at least should provide the essentials, we still hope that Skull & Bones will to emerge even more than it is of Thieves at the time of its launch.

At the moment the concept seems powerful and entertaining. The battlesnavals seem to take up the good feelings we could have on the maritime phases of Assassin’s Creed .

Of course, it remains to be known What will be able to contribute the game to this type of pirate proposals and how the date of the launch chosen at the sales level will affect.