Control system Elster breaks down after a rush because of property tax

After a customer thrill as a result of the property tax return, the tax obligation portal Elster collapsed on Sunday evening. The history is that proprietors have actually had to submit their property tax returns considering that July 1st as well as the system has actually as a result been overloaded considering that Thursday.

Elster tax obligation site has been overloaded for days as a result of property tax returns

This triggered angry talk about social networks: The truth that #Elster is overburdened when every one of Germany has to re-declare property tax reveals that national politics in our country has still not understood anything about digitization, composed one customer.

As a result of the substantial interest in the types for the property tax reform, there are currently constraints on schedule, claims the Bavarian State Workplace for Taxes, which operates Elster on Twitter. We are already striving to be able to offer you with the high quality you are utilized to as promptly as feasible.

Target date for property tax returns from July 1st to October 31st


Collecting the information for the property tax return requires some initiative. The exact data to be given depends on the place of the home.

Part of the advancement is that the Federal Ministry of Money has already set up its own site in development, which ought to streamline the property tax return for exclusive residential or commercial property compared to Elster as well as make it feasible in just a couple of minutes. Owners have up until October 31 to send the statement online to the responsible tax obligation office. In private situations, the paper form would also work.